Thursday, June 16, 2011

{my day}

just so i can remember my crazy, busy days.

someday, i know i'm going to want them back.

so, this one is just for me, myself & i.  

*up, shower {should have washed the hair,
did not wash the hair.  ponytail.}

*order sent in.  pesky internet gave me fits.

*kids & scott up - ready to leave.

*scott to ot for an hour.

*kids & i to mc'ds for breakfast and reading

*picked scott up.

*md for me

*dropped scott off at farm.

*home. lunch cooked for hayfield. ha!

*put out a few email fires.

*lunch to hayfield.  boys dropped off at farm.

*home, packaged up orders/invoiced.

*put out more email fires.

*back to FS to make two deliveries.

*to store for 3 bags of ice, water and soda for hayfield.

*to farmhouse to drop 2 bags of ice into freezer, other drop to hayfield.

*collected boys.

*to mansfield to purchase supper for hayfield.

*delivered supper to 3 different spot on farm.

*allowed evan 10 minutes to "try " and play with kittens. 


*tended to chickens.

*mowed until dark.

*boys ready for night.

*zombied-out on couch for about 30 minutes.

*presently editing.

today was not the best day to log my day.

but, it was reality.

i'm ready for some summer fun!

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