Monday, June 6, 2011

{oh, my}

The end of school; particularly the last two weeks
have completely kicked my bootie.

I didn't even make it to Fun Day today.
Chicken drama.   RIP my two sweet chicks. 
But, I did make it to lunch.

Nothing like the midnight hour.  
But, I got there; hoping that counts. 

Between E's tears about the school year being
over and missing Ms. Ewing and his friends. 
Then, top that with the chicken incident. 
Traumatic day for him.

So, we headed for sno cones.
Those solve everything right?
We had a buffet and shared....
a ninja turtle, a bahama mama and a sunset on a beach.

We made our summer toasts under the umbrella.

It was bliss for about 4.7 seconds until I remembered
it was 208 degrees out there with just a tad of humidity.

Here's to summer!

I'll likely get my pictures posted around Thanksgiving.

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