Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{our first day of summer}

started very early in attempting to save a very neglected garden.

the hayfield took precedence over everything and now we are in
recovery mode.   lost some things, but hopefully the majority will rebound.

I literally spent time in the sand pile today.


Since E can't seem to keep up with his reading log, I printed him
off a new one.  We'll have to add tally marks for the ones already completed.

Since I wasn't feeling too great Sunday, today was the day for the cucumbers.

My Zinnia's are keeping me happy.

I think dill is kind-of pretty.  In an odd sort-of way.

First batch.  Check.

A small batch, but a batch.

Now, the hard part.

The wait.

Hopefully many, many more to come!  

Dog Days of Summer.


Scott was on the other couch in the same position.

And, the boys worked puzzles, read, worked in the garden and swam for hours!

Happy Summer!

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