Monday, June 20, 2011

"wherefore art thou summer"

I really want to have a perky blog. But, life is definitely
not always perky.  And, it's really not as bad as it even
seems.  Well, this morning at 2 it was, but, it's better now. :).

Once again, I survived a two-wedding-weekend.
I almost died in the heat Saturday.  The bride actually had
to stop the pictures three times as she was suffering in a big way. 

Long story short, I did survive.  They were both sweet and
beautiful & I was happy to be a part of them. 

 But, unfortunately I had a little situation going on Saturday that lent to making my
job a little more challenging.  I have dislocated my right temporomandibular
joint.  The joints that just came out of sixteen months of braces. 

To say I am a little disheartened, is quite the understatement.  
So, as it progressed throughout the weekend, I was put on hot towel wraps
every hour and a half along with 800 mg of Ibuprofen. 
I refused the other meds for now, but will likely have to give in for
muscle relaxers regardless.   Oh, and the best part, a liquid diet.  Lovely.

I was suppose to see my specialist today, but lo and behold I woke
up VERY sick this morning at 2.  Too sick to go in and share the wealth.
So, if I can make it 24 hours sick free before tomorrow, I will have to go in for him
to put it back into place.  Ouch.

I'm not looking forward to it because it could
involve injections into the joint.  No, I am not too perky today. 

And, I missed a morning with my girlfriends. 

That was likely the cherry on top. 

 I know that we only have one option left  if this saga of braces 
did not work as planned and it scares me just a wee bit. 
  I'm just going to have a pity party for myself today.
Or at least part of today.  I hate to waste a full day.
Then, I'll regroup for a better tomorrow. 

Well,  the fact I feel like I've got a chisel in my head is
probably not helping my situation. ;)

So, another day of summer plans dashed.
But, there's always tomorrow, huh?

I'm determined.  And, I've got a lot of making up to do!

And, it may sound silly, but over the next 24 hours, if you think
about it, please send up a prayer.  For whatever reason,
I was blessed with the TM Joints of a "ninety-year-old" {description
per my specialist 4 years ago}.   If my muscles could possibly relax
enough with my list of things/exercises I am suppose to be doing
now.....there is a chance they could re-enter the space they 
are suppose to be sitting in as I type this.  They've done it before, 
but, I've never had them out of place quite this bad.  

So, pray for my debilitated joints.  Please. :)  

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Mom2Three said...

You poor thing!!! We missed you today... :( I will be praying for you to feel better soon!!! Love you my sweet friend!!!