Sunday, May 22, 2011

{review mirror}

where o' where has my weekend disappeared to?

i had big plans?

but, few of my have-to-finish-projects got finished for one
reason or another, but the reasons were basically out of my control.

but, today, i want to remember a few tidbits.

*exhausted this morning, slept a little later than i should have, but
scott was up and around, so i planned on help from him to get
us all out the door.
*migraine hit, very late getting out the door.
*BUT, the boys  were kind enough that as soon as they were ready
they loaded themselves in the car and patiently waited for me.
*stopped by wal-mart for cash.  yes, no debit card on me, so my
next best bank is wally-world.  i did have to pick up a bd card as well.
*i gasped when I saw E exit the car at walmart.  remember:  they had loaded
themselves.  he had also dressed himself.  BIG striped, multi-colored polo with 
a huge hole in it with brown plaid shorts, mismatched socks and muddy play shoes.
remember, on our way to church.  as we ran to get a card and cash i zipped through
the boys section and got a new shirt.  dressed in the car.
*to church a tad late.
*WONDERFUL service.
*late service, exited the church in a mad dash as the clock glared 12:08 at me.
i was to have N to the carpool parking lot across town to meet the boys. 
*gathered boys and ran.  sat with my reverse lights on for SIX minutes as no
one would let me out.  traffic jam in GW in the resturant sections. dads were
nice enough to wait on us.  i think they know it will always be me.
*could not make my car go home although i needed to.  to pick up some
things for hospital and on to hospital to see our sweet friends. 
*groceries in heels.  with , E.
*gallon on milk spilled in the back on the vehicle on the way home.
*so, i am trying to figure out what to do next.  
*i'm thinking yoga pants are in order.
*awaiting call to  pick up N in GW, and then we will be swinging to 
a car wash that houses a wet/dry vac. 
*then, I will start working.  

*oh, and, I've gone without carbs today. 
that in and of itself....well, you can imagine......

my white flag is raised.

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