Thursday, May 26, 2011


The day it hit seems like yesterday.  And, then, it seems like a lifetime ago. 
He was three.  Evan was a few weeks old.  It started with some stomach
pain and vomiting and quickly progressed to uncontrollable pain.   On to the
ER we went.  I thought it was surely appendicitis.  When the phone calls
started occurring just outside our doorway to specialists, my heart sank.  Of
course, I diagnosed him with all sorts of things within that 20 minute time span,
including polycystic kidneys.  He was hospitalized at St. Edwards as they
worked to get him into ACH.  I would sleep with him in his hospital bed and 
get coverage to go over to a hotel and nurse Evan.  Then, he was stable and 
we were sent to ACH.  One of THE worst experiences in my life as a mom
as the diagnostic testing was EXCRUCIATING for him.  Angela and I paced
outside the doors when I would have to leave {per hospital staff} and then would
return to try and get him through it.  Being tied to the bed did not help matters. 
The rest of the family, well, they were pacing too. 

Diagnosis:  hydronephrosis of the kidneys.  Prognosis included everything from 
one end of the spectrum: transplants {yes, it involved both} to surgery to
no additional problems.  It would be a wait and see game.  A game that would
basically last his lifetime.   It was scary and heartbreaking. Typically it only
affects one kidney, but he somehow ended up with both.   The next several years held
MANY trips to the ER, continued testing, followups, and trips and a hospitalization
back at ACH.   Well, I found out Tuesday night after returning from being with Marta
and the girls most of the day, that we had an appt at ACH the next day.  Not
on my radar at all.  So, yesterday morning the four of us headed down. 

Long story short, after scans and meeting with two different physicians.....we are
released!  I kept doubting what I had heard.  The scans showed stability comparable
to last years scan with good kidney growth.  Since we have not had an obstruction in years
along with no infections.......for now, we are released. Yippee!  And, there always
seems to be a "but" with this diagnosis.  We are technically released until either
a) he has another bout with pain, obstruction or infection or b) when he turns or gets
near turning 18.  At either point we will be back in business with ACH.  At 18, he
will be given extensive testing again and be referred on to an adult urologist.
Although both kidneys have improved dramatically - he was almost as bad
as it could get when he was initially diagnosed - he will always have this to
look after and deal with.  But, for now, we are thrilled and thankful for
the news!  And, are just going to accept it for what it is today.  :)  

He does start have to wearing a watch because he is not doing too well on the
every 2 hour routine of emptying the bladder.  So, he will be "beeping" for
however long it takes to get back on track with that.  :)

We did have quite the eventful attempt to leave LR.  We were going to run across
town and see friends for a few minutes, but the skies did NOT look too good 
when we exited the hospital.  Found a local radio station about the time a tornado
warning was being issued for the area of Maumelle and I40.  So, south we went
taking the long way home through Hot Springs.  We did have a nice lunch 
and because we are getting season passes to Magic Springs this year, the
boys planned our summer out.   CANNOT wait to have them home with us!!!   

A happy, happy mom here! 

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