Friday, May 13, 2011

{my mother's day}

Dear Boys:  

It goes without saying that you were the greatest gifts I've ever received.  You make my heart smile every every day is truly Mother's Day to me.   Although my journey to both of you was not typical, I would take every step of that long trip a million times over without hesitation. But only if it led me back to both of you. 

For whatever reason God shined on me to be your mommy, I am eternally grateful.  I pray everyday that I can help you grow into your fullest potential.  I pray that you see Jesus in me and that you crave that for yourself as each day passes.  I hope you forgive me when I fail as I will never claim to be a perfect mother.  I hope I am giving you sweet, simple memories that will last your lifetime. 

Thank you for simply being you.    

mommy to E
mom to N

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Carolynn said...

What a sweet post--and I love that picture--wherever did you find that shirt? LOVE the color and the design:-) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day--you deserve it:)