Friday, May 13, 2011

{field trip: strawberry patch}

It was one of those days in which I had to let the calendar slide. 
I had a date, a very important date.   
With a little cutie. 
And, by the way the little girls in his class room act around
him, I'm not the only one who thinks that. ;)

Way too early!

But, WW had their field trip yesterday which started out
at Wild Things Farm for picking strawberries in a loaded field,
a petting zoo and a hay ride.

Notice below:  he really does listen to instructions.
The application is where we slip at times.

His best classmate buddy:  Jake


 There were THOUSANDS of berries for the picking and yes,
they scattered to claim their "own" plots. 

Hmmm...peacocks.  Although beautiful, 
they are clearly not my favorite animal.
Let's just say I got attacked by one in Hawaii.
Remind me to tell JC about that one, it needs to
go in my book.

I snuck inside a greenhouse.  After I swooned, I stomped out
when remember my flooded garden. 

Although I detest honey.

THEN, we were off to Ben Geren for our picnic and time
on the playground.  Exhausting, but fun day! 

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