Thursday, May 5, 2011

{in case you ever need to know.....}

how to evict that skunk mama and her babies.
From your garage. 
Actually from her nest that sits next to a nice little car.
And, a few couches I tend to use now and then. 
It had to work, but not scare to the point she sprayed.

 Basically the premise behind her being in my garage
was to provide a safe, quiet, dark place to grow her babies.

Well, unfortunately, she stumbled into the wrong garage.
And, it's a good thing she has that stink bomb attached beneath
her tail, otherwise, I would have probably avenged the death
of my sweet chickens. {still can't talk about that!}

So, I provided the opposite. 

#1  BLARED loud obnoxious music per boom box. {is that still a word?}   

#2  Turned all lights on the garage on.

#3 Laced paper towel bombs with ammonia, pine sol, basically
anything with a strong aroma.

#4 Left said garage door open all night.

Findings:  it worked!

Mama skunk and babies have......left the building!!

Now, let's just hope nothing else crawled in while those doors were open all night.


Erin said...

I am laughing out loud!! I love it!!

SheWolf said...

THAT is that it's over for you! Oh my goodness! How do you get all the crazy stuff to happen to you?? :)