Friday, May 20, 2011

{radical, no, but.....}

Here goes.....

Well, since Bro. Ronnie led  the awesome study on Radical, I think
a lot of us have really examined what we are trulydoing with our lives. 
In the things that matter.  The eternal things.
Maybe that, in combination with it being a big year for me {I turn 40!}, I can personally say
 that I have been searching and examining in a big way. 

I know I don't have to travel to Africa to reach people.   I think if I 
would make certain I had a smile on my face everyday I could
actually reach more people than I do!  And, although we clearly do
not live in a 'neighborhood' I love the idea of neighborhood.   We
live on an amazing farm.   Could the two be combined?  
This will likely sound absolutely crazy to many, but, it is something that 
has been on my heart and as crazy as it may be, I think it could be a great
outreach.   So, after much praying and many conversations with Scott, we
are ready to take the small plunge.  Radical?  No.  But I am hoping it will
be something that can be enjoyed by families, provide a great fellowship
for friends and the "community" outside our comfort zone as
well as be inspirational in content.

Maybe it's because I do love community so much?  I'm not sure? I do LOVE
to be fluttering in the midst of friends and family.  I love opening our home to 
family and friends.  However, with my schedule over the last several years, it's 
honestly been quite the struggle.  It is always floating in the back of my mind, but
something else seems to always pop up and overshadow my great idea. {total
sarcasm there!}  We are hoping as quirky as it may sound at first, that it
will actually be an avenue for evangelism.  

I'll get to it....

deep breath!

Scott and I will be investing in an outdoor HD projector/screen and 
are hoping to host several Family Movie Nights in an area {a mowed area} 
here at the farm.   The movie choices will be inspirational and family oriented.
   The set-up: simple.

Basically just encouraging families to have a night under the stars together
bringing their blankets, quilts, lawn chairs and snacks.  Maybe it's because
I LOVE outdoor 'anything' under the stars....movies, concerts, whatever.  It's
just pretty impossible to ignore the wonders of creation when you are snuggled
up to your sweet spouse and kids {in their pj's} surrounded by great friends.   Maybe it's because I am always in search of 'Mayberry Moments' when times were just simpler and
community was a HUGE part of our daily lives.  We rush and we hurry and
sometimes it just takes simple things to refresh us.    

And, we'll have popcorn and snocones! :)  

So, yes, you may think we are crazy and yes, I am perspiring profusely as I type this and
make it "public".   For a while I struggled with people thinking we were 
crazy {well, the jury may still be out on that}, it being a flop, etc, etc. etc.
But, we've decided to be obedient and see where this leads.

I also do not think that it was by chance that when I walked back in
from the office just a bit ago, Facing the Giants was randomly playing
on our television. 

Open your homes to each other, {in our case, our fields}, without complaining.
1 Peter 4:9

So what do you think?


Tonia Hobbs said...

I would like season tickets please.

Shannon said...

ha! :)

Ashhog said...

I think that sounds like an amazing idea! And if you are obeying God's call on your life then I think that is definitely living radically!! We would like season tickets too! :)
Ashley Hogeland

Mom2Three said...

I will take season tickets too!!! :) sounds just wonderful!!!

Sherry Drennan said...

I love the idea and can't wait for the first feature!