Thursday, May 26, 2011

{a peek}

 I have a lot of important things to blog about, but, I wanted to start with one
I didn't have to "think" or get emotional about.  Of course, the chickens and
the garden.  I only wish the boys were here as they spend time with the 
chicks every evening.  They are getting used to E's loving! ha!  This is their
temporary run.  They will need a bigger space before long, but for now, this one
was quick and easy.  Notice I still have to paint and finish up the coop.  Is anything
ever completed around here??? 

They have grown!!! 

Everytime  they see me coming, they go nuts.  They know now that I typically
have the outgoings of the garden in hand.  A huge supplement to their feed.  And, 
because I refuse to use pesticides, still keeping it all organic. 

They LOVE radishes!  Cheap and easy!  
 Here is my favorite banny rooster.  So sweet! And, I love to hear him crow.  He is
doing better with it! ha! 

 Yes, I have very talented chickens.   

 The little white/gray one is E's favorite....Small Fry.  I am shocked that she made it!  She was so tiny and lifeless in her early days!  She is very shy.  It's sweet.
The garden is coming slowly, but surely.  Weeds and all. :)  If this rain would just stop for a bit. 

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