Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have so much to do.

And, I emotionally drained from all that was involved
in the heartbreak of the day for my friends.

I came home and

When I say it's therapeutic, it is really therapeutic.

So, although I have a file that has to be at the law firm as soon
as I drop of the boys, edits and orders.  My brain cannot think. 

So, I'll post some garden pictures I took yesterday.  And,
it's amazing because it has already changed SO much.  It is really
beginning to take shape.   And, then, what happens?  More rain! ha! 

My little pea tendrils. 

Happy to have the plow below.  Very sentimental.

Hmmm.... the picture below is tweaked just a bit now.  Imagine
24 new grape, blueberry, muscadine and blackberry bushes.
More zinna's and shasta daises transplanted.  2 rows of corn
planted.  Bamboo tomato cages being constructed.  {I didn't want
to use the metal cages, so yes, I go the time consuming route.  But
so cute! and, yes, I had the idea before Ree made her post, promise!}
Sugar peas planted.  I think that is about it.  Will try to update the
picture soon as it is changing so quick!

If you look in the far upper right corner of the picture below, you will see
my garden companion, Molly girl.  She stays out there out there in the 
morning attached to a peach tree stump.  She's as happy as a lark!  

The new plot to the right of the big garden we've made into pretty much all raised beds. 
That one alone is much smaller than the big one at a mere 1200 sq feet??  I
think I may be sitting down on the corner with a vegetable stand in a month or so??
All I can say, it is super hard work, but is probably what is keeping me sane
at this point! :)  My hands look horrible.  My feet even worse.  But, I'm
still loving digging in the dirt

Evan finally got his collard greens with supper last night.  And, even
I must say they were YUMMY!  I picked 3/4 of a bushel for the meal.   

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