Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I keep peeking out the window.

I'm dying to take a picture, but, I'm afraid it would scare the man away.
He doesn't know me. 

But, the coop is turning out so sweet!

Scott drew it out for him and although I was fine with
plain jane, just secure....he knew I probably wanted a little more.
Well, it is complete {well, not complete yet} with a dormer and
everything.  A different design than Angela's little mansion, but
I am loving it!  And, since you can see it from the house, it
will blend in well.   The 'girls' will be so, so happy
to get out there, they are very cramped. :(  Unfortunately,
he cannot finish it today as his two helpers called in sick.
He plans to be back tomorrow, I hope the weather holds out!!

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