Sunday, April 17, 2011

{while driving mrs. daisy}

I had a thought.

Scary, scary, I know.

But, last weekend when Eric was kind enough to drive Heather and
I to Mt. Nebo - we sat in the backseat and chatted all things girly on
the way.  {He didn't even complain once, which is pretty amazing}.

I informed Heather of my recent undertaking of beauty products. 
I have wasted SO MUCH money on buying something that was
suppose to be a miracle worker, the best ever, wonderfully wonderful, etc
only to end up hating it and throwing that money in the trashcan.

I have a few mid to higher end range products but even buying several 
of the drugstore variety can put a big dent in the wallet; that dent is even
more painful when you absolutely decide you hate the product.

So, what do I do best at work {the law firm that is?}


So, pretty much every product I needed to buy, I would research
what normal, everyday women would say.

Very interesting. 

And, for the most part, I have been very, very happy with my results.
So, in my conversation with HG, telling her my latest treasure discoveries, I
decided I might try sharing here. 

But, here's the thing.

If it doesn't help anyone out, I really don't need to invest in the time to "put
it out there."  If no one is interested, I will just keep the little finds to myself.

Although I would love to share. :)

So, for this little thing, I will NEED comments - just to let me know
someone, if only ONE, person is out there "listening." This little segment
will definitely not be copied to my blog book for the boys.

They already know how girly their mom is and really aren't that interested.

They just allow me to carry on.

So, without further is my first find. It may seem strange at first,
but this $20 purchase, will literally save me a minimum of $425 this year.

That adds up to a huge amount over the years to come.

Mine is a hot pink number because I wanted all male hands in this
household to keep their hands off. 

Here is the story behind the pricey $20 tweezers......

 They are an award-winning tweezer for expert brow shaping.

What it does:Tweezerman Slant Tweezers have been named a 'Best of Beauty' winner for the 8th year in a row. Top eyebrow artists consistently recommend this top-performing brow-shaping tool. Use the point to tweeze smaller hairs and the broader, more slanted side, for general tweezing. What else you need to know:The perfectly aligned, hand-filed Tweezerman tips are slanted to grab every hair, every time with true precision.

Plus, they come with lifetime sharpening.

And, I put them to the test and am totally impressed.

I have TERRIBLE eyebrows that require shaping a minimum of every three weeks;
and that is honestly pushing it.  So, off to the Brow Bar that equates to some
big money.   PLUS, all of the beauty goodies I would end up with before
 I headed out the door.   Although the Brow Bar did a great job, honestly,
these tweezers total rival it. 

I am really puzzled at how they work so well, the precision is unbelievable.  And,
a slight warning:  I started using them like my old tweezers and about yanked
out a huge area of my eyebrow.  I was totally skeptical at first but am
actually a little amazed.  With tweezers.  Sad, I know.

I picked mine up at Ulta but I have no idea where they may be carried.  

Again, if no one is interested in any of these posts {and, I have a TON}....remain silent. ;)


Stacy Carter said...

I love beauty tips! Keep them coming! I need all the help I can get!

Sherry Drennan said...

I want the tips!!

SheWolf said...

Keep 'em coming girly!!