Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{beauty haul}

I know I've been MIA lately.

The schedule has been a tad heavier than I had planned.
I'm thinking Ang needs to take over the bookings again.   

But, for now...I had mentioned this last week....and I LOVE it so much! 
I hope I am never without it. 

Okay, last year after a hormonal upheavel, my face went beserk. 
And, actually is still going beserk, but that's another story.   

Being a little desperate, I tried a very expensive product from Murad.

LOVED it.  But, remember very expensive.  
And, it didn't help with the breakout situation, but made my skin
so crazy-smooth.  I was getting compliments for the first time forever.

Then, I started getting some mini-facials.  Some girls love them. 
 I'm not one of them.   And, honestly the "after-effect" was very similar to 
what I was doing at home.   Skin issue still going on, but, texture and 
smoothness..........great.   But, if I could do it at home?  Why not?

Then, I started my little research and saw rave reviews about this product..... 

I get basically the same results as I do from the expensive stuff. 
And, actually like it much better.

And, the price......I have been using it since about December {although I haven't
of late, so don't look at my skin!}  but, I ended up finding it on Amazon and with the
subscribe and save discount, I get it for around $17 with free shipping.  And, one will last me
about 2 months. Probably less if I would use it like I should though!

Love, love, love it!  Definitely a staple for me!   

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