Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{home sweet home}

I am home today!!! 

And, although I am excited and so happy to be back in my element, en route from the firm after
finishing up my project yesterday, a different attorney called me re: a case I was working on before
the chaos of the last few weeks started.  So, I am here about to start on that as he needs it today.
So, although there are a million other things I would rather and need to be doing.  I'm going to wipe this out and then get on with my list.  This will be quite the week! 

Quick little bits:
*a celebrity was apparently at school yesterday...  
Mr. H - we are thrilled you are in the lives of our boys! 
They think the world of you and talked and talked and talked
about what you taught them yesterday! :)

*the big chicken coop is being started {FINALLY} as I type this.  The chicks
need to move out!  I am quite tired of cleaning their coop.

*after I left the office yesterday, I had about an hour of time to kill because
I didn't want to burn gas to go all the way home only to be able to stay for
about 20 minutes.  So, I swung by and got things for the garden.   I think
I picked up 2 blueberry bushes, 2 pink lemondade raspberry bushes,
2 regular raspberry bushes, a pomegrante bush, dill, some garden flowers to cut, 
and a few cucumber and squash plants to tide E over with as I am growing
most everything else from seed. 

*garden progress report:  it is in a high state of neglect.  I am hoping to spend most
of Saturday out there trying to get it back into shape.  My little peas are starting to
climb our fancy cattle panel arch. {I do really like it}  Tomato plants are doing well.  
Strawberry plants are growing back their little leaves quite well.  I think they were
definitely stunted this year and will likely produce next to nothing. :(  And, the berries they produce will never be harvested because E makes his way out there every day to check them {aka eat them off the vine}.  Zinnas are popping up. I need to pick the spinach.  Cabbage is doing well.   E will have a pot full of collard greens in probably less than a week or so. Raised bed is finished for
my herbs.  Mounds are ready for squash.  So much to do, but, we really are enjoying it. 
Being at home to do it would be nice though. :)  

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