Sunday, April 3, 2011

{getting up to speed}


Well, I'm actually doing very well, but may have overdone it a tad on Friday because I felt so much better than I thought I would.  Then, I woke up on Saturday.  
So, I am pacing myself now ;) and doing very well.  

Had to take lil' E into Dr. W's yesterday due to the poison ivy...he got absolutely
miserable on Friday night and it started spreading again. So, he is on oral steriods.  Nice.
Kindergarten testing begins Tuesday.  I am not certain if he is bouncing off the walls
because of the meds or simply bouncing off the walls.  A tad concerned there. 

We FINALLY got an update on Scott's last kidney test.  Despite them losing a big test, repeating it, us calling for results over & over, etc.......Saturday morning {of course, MD office is closed} we received a letter instructing us to call the office and set up an appointment to discuss the abnormalities and then a list was given of the abnormalities......all foreign to me.   So, although I'm trying not to be overly concerned, it's definitely a bit disconcerting when it has to do with a vital organ(s).  And, once again I'm in the place of "really?"  Kidney stones led to 'acute renal failure' for us.   So, I'm not certain where this will lead us, but am definitely asking for prayers!  Lots of them would be nice. :)

On a much lighter note, I've had red velvet cake for breakfast the last two days thanks to a sweet friend.  Not that I needed to eat that for breakfast or at all for that matter, but, it has been YUMMY!  And, thanks to another friend, I haven't had to cook or even think about it at all.

My garden.  May it RIP.  Not really, but, I have not been able to get out there and Scott has had a horribly rough week {two actually}.  I'm keeping things "going" by at least providing water.  But, I'm thinking it will be a "do over" once I'm back up and at it 100%.   I'm still so mad at the deer I can't even stand it.  I did go out yesterday and evaluated the massive loss of plants I really had.  I was hoping more would have survived.  It just makes me sick.  But, the netting is working.  And, I've received some advice from a Master Gardener, but the info is on my phone but I'll share that on here too!  

And, surprise, surprise, I can't find my phone.

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