Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{recharged & ready}

I found my garden hat today. 

You know, it's all about sun protection.

And, let me tell you...........this hat has a very nice brim. 

but, an even nicer bow. 

After I attempted Pioneer Woman's biscuits with two key ingredients MIA - we
shoveled our supper down and headed outside.   The boys played, I planted & watered and poor Scott got the hay twine cut off of the tiller.   I took a break from this desk
and am simply planning on a very long night.  My coffee will be brewing very soon.
But, it was soooooooooo nice to be back out there.  My first evening since well before my surgery. The neglect was very evident.  But, I'm hoping to get it back up to speed very fast.     

But, I did get the strawberries conquered, covered in straw and recovered in netting. 
 I.LOST.A LOT.   {sniff, sniff}
I planted my green beans over my cute little fence-arch.  I hope it turns out the way
I have it envisioned.  We shall see?  I planted my flat of snapdragons.  So pretty!  A few marigolds.    Tomorrow I may try and sneak my peppers in at some point during the day before I head to the office.   And, I have a ton of tomatoes to plant.  Then from seed within the next week I'm hoping to get the rest of my peas, squash and cucumbers along with more zinnias and marigolds.   Have I told you lately that I am way past ready for summer. 

I kept thinking tonight of the only thing I'm really afraid we will miss so much......baseball.   But, when I get tired of working in the garden, I'm thinking we will just head up the hill for some.... slushies. :)   

Here is a peak of the girls.  Well, with probably 3 little roosters in there somewhere I'm afraid. Since my last update, we lost three when I was working in the office last week.  Scott is officially refusing chicken duty from this point on.  And, of course, two were the latest ones I FINALLY found in Poteau.  So, I'm down to two of those.  My chicken seeking days are over.  There is too much of an age difference {a mere three weeks} now...incorporating into the flock is a bit risky now.  We have ended up with 24.  I think?  They move so fast I can barely count them. 

The boys are calling them teenagers now.  It's amazing how fast they change.

Still cute though.   The coop building project has never really gotten off the ground.
And, with the chicks now getting off the ground to the point I am afraid they are going to fly up and over, they need a home.   But, Scott has had a super-rough time as of late.  So, we have a man who will now be building my little chicken coop.

Why do my little innocent projects turn into something MUCH bigger pretty much 99.8% of the time??  These chickens will need to lay golden eggs by the time all of this is said and done. 

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