Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{sitting on my hands}

and locking myself indoors.

Today is really the first day I have felt back to normal. 

For the next 4 days, I am basically "on call" for our firm.  I have
to be ready to basically jump in the car and go when the phone rings. 

I had to pick up some plants as my brother is coming down to take 
care of a list for me this afternoon.  As I dropped them off at the garden,
I decided I no longer hated it.  {the deer gave me deep wounds}

And, hopefully after I complete today's work schedule, a meeting at school, and 
MUST have taxes ready to drop off by tomorrow......I'm hoping I can 
have a few minutes before dark to dig in the dirt.  

I had to buy several new plants to replace the landscaping fiasco in the
front of our house.  {HG & MW witnessed that mess} And, 2 old-fashioned Lilac
bushes, 2 Wisteria's, a flat of snapdragons for garden, some stinky marigold's
for the garden,  and three blackberry bushes.  

I hope to at least work on the strawberries and plant my peas tonight.  But,
that is very wishful thinking as I sit here with my must-do-to-do list screaming at me.


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