Saturday, February 5, 2011


but, not by much, so I'm pleased. 

I had to run up to the FS Post Office unexpectedly this morning, as ours was closed at 10 am {I did not know that!}  So, I went ahead and got next week's groceries.  We did pretty well last week, with the boys being sick, I bought extra things that I probably wouldn't have, but basically anything they requested to eat or drink, they got.  Well, except for the Mazzio's pizza when Noah was vomiting, but that's another story for another day. ;)

The above I picked up today at Aldi's.  I went over by $6, so the total for the above with $56 {including tax}.  I was pretty pleased with everything and it seems like I got ALOT of food.  A quick rundown:  

2 boxes Capri-sun "like" drinks. 
4 pounds of bananas {not shown}
4 lunchables
2 bags of chips
1 {1.5 pounds} container of pork chops
4 avocados {0.29 each!}
4 pounds of oranges
4 dozen eggs
1 tub of shortening {I think that's the first I've ever bought in my life, but 
Pioneer Woman Southern biscuits on are the menu this week}
1 big package of roma tomatoes
2 packages of fresh zucchini
1 bag of hoagie rolls
1 can of cinnamon rolls
4 canned biscuits {Sunday morning Monkey Bread}
1 can of fruit cocktail
1 bag of light brown sugar
1 bag of French Fries
4 boxes of crackers
1 Pineapple
4 cans of chili beans
2 boxes of cream cheese
1 bottle of cherries {making my own diet Cherry Limeades}
1 bag of lettuce {that is from Sam's - wrong pile} {$2+}

I had to pick up bread, soft drinks and turkey pepperoni from WM.

So, in total I spent about $70.  Over my plan, I know - but a lo t of the above will be carrying over for into next week {for ex, the FOUR dozen eggs, fruit, cream cheese, beans, etc}

Regardless, $70 is MUCH better than the $300+.  I'm cooking ALOT more and it's more nutritious and fresh which is an added bonus.  According to me, not necessarily the boys.
I have decided to keep my household items separate as there is NO way I can do that.  Today I also had to pick up TP, paper plates, bleach, trash bags, light bulbs etc.  But, I did well on those too.    Next I will have to come up with a budget for my 'beauty' supplies. That's enough to pay off the National Debt, things may get very scary around here. ;)

Now, if I can muster up the energy {I'm running on empty right about now} I am off to get ready to take the boys to the Jeremy Camp concert.  Fever-free for 24 hours+!  yay!   

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Tonia Hobbs said...

I am trying to budget my groceries too. . .we need to talk.