Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I know, I know, I know!
 I know it's weird.

But, maybe it's not my fault at all.

Maybe it's just because we live on a farm and we're
suppose to have animals like this?

When you have to build barb-wire fence.
{and, yes, I really  have!}
Miles and miles of it.
{well, not really, but A LOT}
it just does something to you in the
farm-ish kind-of way.

I don't know?
It sounds good anyway.

I remember using that rationalization with the rabbits. 

And, boy, was that ever a flop.

{pun intended, sorry}

But, look!

It's really not just me.

I look at her blog {via way of TH's blog}
all the time and had NO idea she 
had a love for chickens as well.

Maybe I should rethink our coop though.

I just told Scott ours is only a 'starter'. 

He needs to get busy! :)

He LOVED that.

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