Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{no rest for the weary-mommies}

Just now....

Evan:  "mommy can you make ugh,,,, know that thing you cooked for us last time it snowed?"

Me:  laying on the couch, under two quilts, coughing my head off, hoping the floor would swallow me up....

Evan:  "you know, mommy,  ummmmm....."

Me:  cough.  "cinnamon rolls?" cough

Evan:  YES!!!!!!!  That's it!

Me:  "mommy never just gets to be sick does she."

Evan:  "No, we are helping you get up and active"

I'm dragging myself off the couch to unroll a can of cinnamon rolls........

disclaimer:  daddy is with meme and poppy or he would be performing this culinary act.

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