Thursday, February 3, 2011

{being rude}

I feel like it's knocking on my door.

I'm totally ignoring. 

And, an update on the boys.

Noah has definitely rounded the corner. 

However, he looks terrible, is still fatigued and has 
quite the cough left. 


His temp is staying between 103-104+ and he is
absolutely miserable and I've caught him
stomping his foot a few times today while saying
just how much he HATES being sick. 

Motrin has kicked in {again} and boys are playing Legos.
That's about the most E has been able to do all day.

And, yes, I feel like it's knocking on my door.
But, I'm planning on being totally inhospitable. 

I'm not not in the mood to be a gracious hostess.  

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