Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{always be my babies}

This is how they've been all.day.long.

Well, Molly has usually been smack dab in the middle of them.

Noah is definitely not feeling well at all.  Have barely heard a peep out of him. 

Evan is still needing a lot.  Sprites, apples, crackers, etc. 

I'm forcing Noah to at least drink.

See below, the flash caused Evan to move. 

It did nothing to or for Noah. 

 And, an action shot below, the never-ending cough.
I hate so much that they feel so bad.

But, I love so much being able to take care of them.

I definitely remember many sick days myself at home when I was
their ages.  I hope they remember these as comforting instead
of pure agony.  I just put fresh blankets out of the dryer on them.

What's a little more laundry, you all know it's my favorite thing to do. {wink}

Get well soon boys!

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Mom2Three said...

Poor babies! I hope they get to feeling better soon!!!