Sunday, February 6, 2011

{date night with the boys}

At least we had an evening when we were all well.  With them both being 
sick all week, I didn't think we had much of a chance to be able to go, but, Evan's
fever broke in time, so we went for it.

Although I rushed around and was actually late in getting us there, a sweet lady next to me conversed during a break asking how old the boys were, chatted with them, etc.  She then leaned over to me and told me both of her children were now grown and she
loved seeing my boys there as it reminded her of the countless concerts she took
them to through the years.   She reminded me that it does get chaotic, but that it
really is an investment. Such nice words!  And, since I've woke up feeling
miserable this morning....I'm so glad we were able to get out an enjoy it together. 

Jeremy Camp was wonderful, so talented and truly has a heart for God.  I've had a song
 of his as my ring tone forever.  I hope our area continues to get great concerts.  It was
definitely worth our little bit of chaos to get there.

Had a great time with my boys as it was our Valentine's date.  Savoring these sweet years!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to two of my greatest loves!  I hope you remember tonight well and not just the part of us running through the snow for what seemed like miles..........particularly, of me in black high heel leather boots.  Probably not the best
choice, let's just say I didn't plan well for the parking overflow.  
No bones were broken, and I think you both filled your quota for
laughing at your mom! 

Love you with all of my heart!!  

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meeksmiles33 said...

So sweet! Glad you all were able to go!