Sunday, February 20, 2011


Okay, so the big 10 did not go off as planned.

And, of course, major-mommy guilt ensued.

Three weeks of illness, definitely dampered the Secret Agent Party.

And, even the family party. 

Dampered, not quite right, postponed to be exact.

Rain checks were issued and he  accepted as a trooper. 

But, we did take him out to eat at The Barn {his choice} Friday night.

He had the lunch of his choice yesterday:  grilled steak, Pioneer Woman
mashed potatoes, hot rolls, Ceasar salad {for evan}, guac {for Scott and I} 
and Paula Deen's Strawberry Sponge Cake.
{p.s. I bought this years cake at Wal-mart.  Last year
for Easter I made her 3 or 4 layer Strawberry cake,
which was so good, but has actual strawberries
in it, so, Evan will not eat it. But,
this store-bought cake was sooooooo good!
Very impressed}  Now, to just STAY AWAY
from it!

He got several new spring shirts
 {all sports related, what happened to the cute-sy stuff?}
An iTunes gift card and a new Donky Kong Wii game. 
We got his new bike a couple weeks early when we had several
nice days.  You never know about this Arkansas weather.  
We could have been in the middle of a blizzard on his birthday! 

We had an "abbreviated" photo session.  I wasn't able to
even get his outfit {clothes, according to N, he hates it when I
refer to them as 'outfits'} for the urban shoot I had planned.  But, 
those have now been ordered.  Rain check for that shoot as well,
he was happy about that one for sure. ;)  

I am doing as little as possible today, in hopes that my back
will rebound.  It feels different today.  Not great, but, I'm not
in the agony I was yesterday.   I feel terrible that his day
was so "blah", but thankfully they both always seem to enjoy
laid-back days. 

 We got to have lunch on the patio, so nice!!!  Although we had to block
the candles by pillows so they would light. :)

Now, to start planning two belated birthday parties!!  

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Looks like a special day!