Saturday, February 19, 2011

{happy 10th birthday my sweet boy}

Where do I even start?

We are now in double digits. 

I told you to stop growing so fast YEARS AGO.

And, you continue to totally disobey me. 

So unlike you!

But, on a serious note {not that I am not being serious with the 
slowing it down directions}, but, as always today is such a big
day for all of us.  I cannot make it through the day, just like every other
mother, unless I am constantly looking at the clock immediately
going back to exactly where and what I was doing   Until we
got THE call that would forever change our lives. 

I know that we tell you constantly, but, there is nothing that we would
change in our journey to each other.  God's plan for our family was
bigger and better than anything we could have dreamed up on our own.

I looked at scrapbooks today {and, yes, of course I cried}.
I read this for the first time in forever.  I remember when I wrote it,
I felt as though my heart would literally burst out of my chest.   Simply
from the sheer happiness and thankfulness I felt. 

"Before You"

Before you were in my thoughts,
You were in my heart.
I have always carried you,
We've never been apart.

Before I ever saw your face,
I saw you in my dreams.
I saw your tears, I saw your fears,
I knew what you would need.

Before I held you in my arms,
I held you in my heart.
You've always been a part of me,
You've forever been my plea. 

Before I heard your cries and laughs,
God brought me to my knees,
To pray for you and pray for me.....
For the family we would be.

Before I ever called you mine,
I knew that I'd be yours.
For as long as you would need me,
You've been that deep within.

Before God placed you in my arms,
He placed you in my heart.
Before God placed you in my life,
He placed you deep within.
So, that when we would be together,
We would know we've always been.

I love you Noah Benjamin!
It is a privilege to be your mom and you make my
job unbelievably easy.  Thanks for being such a great
& wonderful son!

Happy, happy 10th Birthday my sweet lil'man!

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Happy Birthday Noah! So precious.