Friday, December 2, 2011

{peeking above}

I am literally up to my eyeballs in edits {a + for a small business regardless of the lack of sleep}, ornaments, mesh ribbon, wreaths {I'm hanging them on the windows this year, I love how southern that looks},  tubs and tubs of more Christmas decor, dogs, boys, cookies to bake, presents to wrap, dirty laundry, clean laundry, chickens and well, the demolition/clean up and redo of the barn, etc, etc, etc....} 

BUSY weekend ahead, but thankful for all of it!

and, surprise, surprise our family session got cancelled due to that crazy wind a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to forgo the family idea and bought new outfits for the boys.  Chapped lips for both boys to the Nth degree have postphoned that session as well. 

Maybe, just maybe I'll get cards out this year.

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