Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{i am extremely thankful...}

this week for things that are not typically the norm such as my family, friends, health, a home....etc. but things that i have been particularly thankful for that fall outside of that box....
  1. a two-week-old insurance policy that was pretty much an after thought
  2. a swift and reassuring agent and adjuster
  3. pain medication {all is well there, i am VERY thankful for that!}
  4. friends that pray and rally
  5. the fact i tend to be a night owl with my head hitting the pillow at 3:30 am and i don't even feel the effects after my coffee.  don't ask me tomorrow though ;)
  6. children who seem oblivious to the stress swirling inside my brain
  7. those same children who calm me down with their excitement about the upcoming week
  8. a mom who is cleaning my house, doing my laundry and scrubbing my toilets for me today
  9. a SIL who offers to come help me with whatever i may need 
  10. a friend who offers to put up my Christmas tree when she needs and wants to get hers up
  11. a puppy who seems to  finally be "getting" the whole potty training idea as that makes life so much easier 
  12. my crowing rooster.  he makes me smile.  i'm sorry, it's strange, but a fact. ;)
  13. friends who text and call me and don't get too terribly upset if it takes 7 days+ for me to respond.  they know me and love me anyway! 
  14. and above everything, my God who loves me despite the fact i am completely insane and trusts me to handle my life as crazy as it is  

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