Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{is it only wednesday??}

i feel like a month has passed since last week.  whew!

the normal, frantic pace of the fall season.

throw in a little guy who gets sick.
and a mama who follows close behind.
flu-like symptoms of aches, headache, EXTREME
fatigue minus the flu part.

a photo session in which i left not one battery charging AT HOME
.....but, two.  and, session was in fort smith. 

a little one who couldn't "hold it" and decided against brothers
advice he could pee into a cup inside my vehicle.  well, he got
a bad case of the giggles and missed the cup.  i won't even go into
details, but, just know my car is having to be detailed and some 
major damage to areas of lining was done.  

two boys who locked my keys and phone and dog inside my running
vehicle and no one at home to answer the phone i borrowed. 

a barn that is underway and all that goes with that. 
 i feel like i am building a house. 

pto program to decorate for with instructions not being
changed once.........but twice. 

a sick molly.  a very sick molly.  she has the most
sensitive stomach EVER.  and, she gets stressed when she
is left anywhere.  so much for the nice grooming she had received
the day before. :(
a little guy who is still sick and exhibiting some worrisome symptoms - trip
to md with not the greatest news being received but not the
worst either.  we are  praying this round of medication
works and we do not have to go to round two of diagnostics.  
a mommy brain in overdrive unfortunately. 

i am absolutely missing my friends  like crazy.  i haven't really
even had time to text let alone chat.  seeing everyone may be reserved
for 2012 by the way it looks. 

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