Monday, December 19, 2011

{24 more}

well, 48 would be a more accurate description.


i think i can.  i think i can.

and, then,

i'm going to christmas party like
there's no tomorrow with my
boys come thursday.

and, wow, i may even have wednesday
to get ready for thursday.

i am beyond ready.

christmas music, coffee for pleasure  not for survival,
my quiet time during a quiet time all wrapped up in
blankets,  wrapping with no huge cloud hovering,
staying up late with the boys watching every Christmas movie
we can find, yummy treats and precious time with family
and friends.  yep.  i'm  ready.

now, back to the 24-48 hour stretch. ;)


Hancock Family said...

Sounds like a little slice of Heaven! Enjoy!

Hancock Family said...

Okay....Hancock family is me TONIA! Ashley was using my phone the other night when we were together....oh to figure out how to fix me to me!! Funny!