Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{rain on me}

although I feel bad that some have had to reschedule their
sessions this week for various reasons, i've used it to make
some lemonade.  and, i've savored it.
it rained us out today, thus the above title.

i have three unexpected nights off this week.  
and, in saying that, i've used them to edit like a mad woman.
but, it has also afforded me some much needed time with the
boys.  for me, as much as them. 

i've cooked.
i've cleaned.
they have clean laundry.
the laundry is in a huge pile, but it's clean.
we've read books, history articles, and devotionals
wrapped up in my pink quilt in my fluffy chair.
i've studied them. 
every freckle, the lines of their faces, their toes
we've laughed so much i could barely breath {due to a book
we were reading}
we've worked on scripture memorization.
we've researched george washington
{have you ever read the rules of civility?}
we've researched vikings, the revolutionary war and
the bermuda triangle.
in no particular order i might add. 
i purposely avoided the titanic.
we've planned a big family dinner for tomorrow night.

we are bracing for impact.

the next crazy, busy three+ weeks. 
and, then.....

thanksgiving break. 

glorious thanksgiving break.

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