Sunday, December 11, 2011


i finished my last shoot of 2011 last night.

it was beautiful, but all i can say is THANK.YOU.GOD.

i survived.

i'm very thankful for the business, but very tired at this point.

so, i will finish up my edits and orders and enjoy Christmas
with my little family.  church will not be happening for us
this morning as scott is down for the count and evan has upper
respiratory havoc going on.  so,  although unplanned, we will be staying
home and in our pj's today.  i will finish my marathon on loading and ordering
{it is expected to last until the wee hours of tuesday morning}.  and, then, hopefully
finished for the most part except for orders.  whew! it's been a busy time and 
i'm ready to settle down.  i've met with my photog friend jess and we
are both revamping once again this year.  little tweaks to help us
stay in better balance with business and family.  i'm excited to start the new year. 

our barn pad is clean from debris.  starting over there as well, ha! 
{i can really only laugh.  really}

although, a  gingerbread house may be built today instead.  and,
if you know my reputation with gingerbread houses.  the outcome
will not likely be pretty.  fun maybe, but not pretty. 

the boys are going to start some Christmas gift projects today they've
been dying to do and i will supervise from my desk.  probably, not the brightest
idea in the world on my part.  but, i've put them off long enough. 

praise music in the background.

peppermint mocha in a new polka dot Christmas coffee mug. 
{you know, i drink from them all year long, so i added a few this year}

i may even get brave and post some snaps of the Christmas decorations 
today.  i do have one outside wreath out of eight hung outside.  i finish things
promptly like that.  so sad!  maybe they will all be hung the d day of tuesday.   

i'm looking forward to a cozy but productive day!! 

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