Sunday, December 18, 2011

{the giver or the gifts?}

hmmm....a very pertinent article.

{click and read below}

The author had a few points I wouldn't have
likely thought of or mentioned - particularly about other faiths.

But, it is true, this issue was raised in my heart several
weeks ago as I felt I needed to "prepare" the boys.  I must say,
their responses shocked me.  But, made my heart smile
all the while.   When I explained that Christmas fell on
a Sunday and that we would be disrupting our normal tradition
of staying in our pj's all day, eating yummy things from the oven
all morning, playing with our new toys uninterrupted I truly
expected whining at the very least.  

They looked at me like I was stupid.

Of course they would be in church on Jesus' birthday.
Where else would we be?  

Noah even asked if he could wear a tie.

{they are getting it much more than I give them credit} 

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