Sunday, November 13, 2011

{and, the storms blew in}

This was early last week before it was closed in, wrapped and the final
trusses and top trusses put up....I didn't take any pictures of it more recently.
  On Friday, they were decking the roof in hopes to begin the shingles next week
but it started getting too windy so they had to stop.

This is what happened this morning about 5 am. 

It really was pretty difficult to see.  Just knowing how much
work {and $$} we've put into it and how excited we all were really.
I had not been excited about the studio too much; but once
I saw it closed in, my wheels started turning and I was
anticipating finally being able to separate working in the
house pretty much 24/7.  The stroll across the front yard, coffee in
hand was becoming very appealing, very quickly.  The boys
cleaned it up all day yesterday - picking up every single stray nail.

In fact, we  have worked very hard to have it in the dry before leaving
this weekend.  BUT, as with life, not every storm shows up in the forecast.
And, as disappointing as it is, it is not tragic by any means.  But, honestly,
as nice as that is and sounds, it still stinks. ;)  On most days,
we wake up with anticipation of a great day or week and before that
day even starts, we have  the storms blow through. 
Some much bigger and damaging than others.

We will clean up, pick up {as the wrap is blowing all over south
Sebastian County} and rebuild.   Although the foundation was
 strong and "it was almost there" it needed a roof to keep the winds out. 
There was just enough space to allow an exploding disaster. 

I am CERTAIN there is a lesson for me in the midst of this rubble.

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