Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{banned from blog: scott walker}

holy moly, i'm excited!!!!

who knows?? maybe that painful Bible study on the song of solomon struck
a chord somewhere.....maybe. {wink}

but, this is too good not to share with my girlfriends. 
and, i'll get brownie points from the husbands too!  and, i need
all the help i can get there too as they all think i'm a nut. 

to put it lightly. ;)

okay, back to the task at hand.

operation:  date night

i absolutely cannot take credit for it but got the
idea from none other than my latest addiction:  pinterest.

but, it is a year of preplanned {for the most part} date nights.

i am going to spruce mine up a bit with some red leopard ribbon and embellishments. 
i'm so excited, i've even printed some labels/envelopes for a friend. 

but, the date nights can be very simple and budget friendly to all out
weekends away.  i want a mixture of both. 

i also purchased christmas cards for every month.  well, 13 actually, one to give with
the gift and one for each month, some serious, some totally hilarious! 

i can't put all of the ideas here because i want to surprise him and he is banned
from reading the blog until christmas.  but, i will post the monthly date nights
as they are opened per month.  

this has been so fun!  i've basically taken an idea
and will fill the envelope with simple things such as gift
cards, tickets, maps, printouts, etc and then on the day of the date
i will have a basket of goodies, picnic basket, 
a suitcase.....whatever may be applicable.

i think he will be a very happy guy!! 
but, i know that i am probably more excited in all of
the planning, collecting, reserving, etc than he will be. 

now, we just  need to establish a date-night childcare
coop for all of the friends and we'll all be good! ;)  

1 comment:

christy said...

great idea! can you do up a basket for me?