Thursday, May 24, 2012

"my to do list"

Because the previous post made my toes curl a bit,
I decided to remember why I am working so hard.

Not sleeping.

Am grouchy.

Feel overwhelmed.

it is because my to-do-list is about
to look like this:  

1) loads of family time.
2)  reading stacks of books with little people and alone
3) toes in the sand
4) taking pictures of mostly my crew
5)  salty kisses
6) pony tail days
7)  hearing the waves when we wake
8)  turquoise toe nails
9) turquoise water
10) turquoise sheets
11)  smores
12) camp fires
12) board games and puzzles
13) shells
14) seaside
15) cupcakes at seaside
16) shopping
17) seafood
18) sundresses
19) suntan lotion {well, sunblock}
20) loving my people  :) 
21) a new experience for all of us
22) making memories that will last long after I am gone
23) biking
24) no ironing, no real laundry, no vacumming
25) reading my bible on the beach in the wee morning hours
26) crabbing with flashlights
27) no agenda
28) no calendar
29) no true list

I can do this!   

1 comment:

Jessica S. said...

mmm..sounds like bliss! you can do it! just keep pushing through!