Friday, May 18, 2012


With one little email my weekend has been turned upside down. 

I had several things I was looking forward to, but, everything
planned will have to be a little revamped now.

The coffee is dripping.
I'm not planning on sleeping. 

Ever, I think.

Scott and I just had a phone discussion re: vacation.
That may have to be revamped as well.

Something has got to change in like a 

And, honestly, I am not complaining but
putting it out there that plans may be shifted this weekend.

Per a devotional type read this morning I read two words:

gratitude and love.

How those two components should be in every moment of
our day.  Even in those moments when plans divert in an
entirely different direction and you are overwhelmed beyond belief. 

To paraphrase some of the point in that article.....
and this post may make sense to no one but myself -
but, I hope to look back someday and be okay with
choices that are sometimes very difficult to make.

"I know. It seems much easier said than done. But
 that’s my point. it really be as simple and easy
as making a choice? (Maybe simple, but not always easy.)
Criticize or praise. Resent or accept. Ignore or engage.
Complain or appreciate. Aren’t all of these behaviors just
 mental and emotional choices we make first in our heads
 and then in our hearts? Think about it. Joy doesn’t require a
certain amount of money, a degree from a prestigious institution,
a license from the government. Joy really is for the taking."
So, instead of stomping around and throwing a 2-year-old 
fit, I am opting to embrace, smile and get what needs to be
done, DONE.   I have a long weekend of work ahead.
But, I am going to be diligent in getting it done.
I am choosing to do so, with a smile on my face.
I'm refusing to throw my sucker in the dirt. 

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