Friday, May 4, 2012

"i really couldn't make this stuff up if i tried"

No joke.

I was meeting my friend Mandi, passing off kids to her for 
a birthday sleepover, as I drove through the parking lot I hit something. 

My first thought, a gigantic California sinkhole; but then I remembered I
live in Arkansas.  A mammoth pothole?   Not likely, but I still don't know
what it was?  For the record, it jolted the boys pretty well too. 

However, it jolted me to the point I think I've injured my neck.  For real.
The first words out of my mouth were "whiplash".  Little did I know, hours later,
I would literally be in pain.  Not achy, sore pain, but scary pain. 

I can't even believe this.  Let's hope Motrin and no work on the computer
tonight will take care of it. 


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