Sunday, May 6, 2012

"loving it"

{above image from amazon}

I knew this was coming out, but had not spied it until yesterday.
I grabbed it for the trip, but, mistakenly started reading it this morning. 

I am in the midst of another terrible bout of insomonia.  I think it was just
early last week that I commented on how well I had
been sleeping.  I do think it is attributed to hormones and simple stress, but, it
is absolutely killing me.  Making me ill to the point that yesterday I could
barely eat because of that "no sleep nausea" that nothing will take care of.  I've
been averaging about 2-3 hours per night for several nights now. 

Then there is the neck.  I am taking anti-inflammatories around the clock and
still not getting total relief.  The fact I had to mow acres and acres yesterday
did not help that little issue I'm sure.  I have decided I either need a smaller
area to mow or a tractor of my own.  In fact, I am missing my niece's
Baccularate service today and lying low in hopes I can fulfill a 'contractual obligation'
this evening.  At this very moment, I have no idea how I'm going to do it.
But, praying I can at least find some sleep today to rid me of the nausea. 
Now, back to the book.  Since, I can barely move, I
 picked up this book.  It was a mistake by way of no time to read a single
extra word right now, let alone a book. I knew I wouldn't want to put down
I've always loved their "love story" even before their horrific accident. 

And, I do, I love....

I think there will definitely be learning moments for me in this book.
But, maybe, I just put it under lock and key for now.

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