Thursday, May 3, 2012

"about to spill"

The last several days have been the kind that you just want to curl up in.

The end.

Just curl up.  

I surprisingly made it through a 14-day consecutive stent of sessions.

I am beyond exhausted.  Exhausted to the point that tears are about to spill. 
I've never had that many sessions that close together.

How do I get myself to this point?
The ongoing question?

We are suppose to start vacation on the 27th.  Between now, the 3rd,  and then....

I have......

12 sessions to edit.
13 sessions to shoot.
{add those to the edit list above}
2 weddings to shoot.
A Baccularate to attend. 
A PTO program to attend.
A graduation to attend.
5 physicians appointments.
6 legal reports to finish/start & finish.
Ongoing calls/inquiries/orders/invoicing and deliveries.
The barn construction to deal with. 

And, hay season has started a month early.

Then the normal everyday crazy stuff.
Which around here, can entail alot. 24 days, my toes should be in the sand. 
{okay, I'm working there too, but all is well with that}

That is all that is getting me through.

And, until then, I will just fake it.
At maybe the boys will at least think thing are normal.

I have a brisket in the oven, potatoes to peel for the infamous
Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes, corn to roast. 

A family dinner at 5 so I can have a family dinner with my crew.
Laundry is humming away.
The chicks are chirping from the bathroom.
{okay, there is something wrong with that}
The puppies are playing.

I am praying.

It will all be okay.

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”   Matthew 19:26

That part, I'm not faking.

I'm clinging to.

I am not posting any of this to be negative, but merely as
a glimpse back to some crazy days we had.

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Jessica S. said...

Praying for you girl!! =) you'll make it through!!