Tuesday, May 8, 2012


*business is good.  very, very good.  trip to fay town tonight. 
2 more trips up the hill later this week.  well, good if it doesn't
kill me first.

*yay!  two of my long lost friends posted on their blogs
....now we just need to hear from SC and MW.  ;)  I'm hoping
we get to see more of each other this summer than we have
the last several months.  it's been yuck.  i  need my girls.

*my neck is bad.  i'm taking meds around the clock and have
had to limit my time on the computer despite a mound of orders
and edits.  but, i have a 14-hour wedding saturday and on a good
day the camera and lenses can wreck havoc.  i'm praying this
resolves quickly.  it is mighty scary what a seemingly small jolt
can do.  

*metal for barn roof was FINALLY delivered today.  contractor
is lined up to finish the entire barn out after the roof is on.  i'm way
past ready. i've ordered a turq couch for my gallery area.  like i need
another couch? but, it is so pretty and it is on it's way per my
email this morning.

*i love my boys.  all three.  just thought i would throw that in.

*baby chicks are in a dog kennel in the big coop.  three age groups
of chickens is quite the tricky feat. 

*i went back to bed after i dropped the boys off this morning.   just
thought i should confess.

*booking my plane ticket to utah today.  mixed emotions. 

*looking forward to some precious time with a super-precious
family tonight.

*i need to buy groceries.

*and, get my oil changed.  boo! 

*gotta run.  well, not literally.  oh, but, i should.  if i had been, maybe
my neck would not feel like it's a boulder on my shoulders right now.  
this chair is KILLING me.  :(  Gotta make some changes for certain.  

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