Thursday, May 24, 2012

'one more day'

I'm trying really hard not to be sad that our elementary days are
over with one.

Really, really hard.

I am trying to focus on the fact that
we have one more day until summer. 

Then I have them to myself again.

Friday will be full and chaotic and wonderful.

Our neice, Sydney Caroline, graduates at the very top of
her class. We will all be camping out as the gates open
at 5:30 so we can all be front and center to hear her
commencement address.  In the other hours of Friday, I will 
be running around getting tires rotated, going to an awards
ceremony, passing out teacher gifts,  grabbing last minute
road trip supplies, getting chickens and dogs stocked
up on supplies, getting car ready, analyzing, editing,
ordering, uploading, etc, etc, etc.


Saturday, a wedding in Fayetteville.

More editing, report writing, bill paying before and way, way after.

Sunday is d-day, or was d-day.


Maybe not.

Probably not.

But, that's perfectly fine.

The world won't stop spinning.

At some point, it will be d-day.

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