Thursday, May 10, 2012

'my splurge'

I did it; instead of allowing my kitchen to be flooded requiring
vastly expensive repairs, I gulped and bought yet another
appliance.  The dreaded dishwasher.  I didn't go high end, but
right smack in the middle.  But, whoa?  Have you priced dishwashers lately?


I suppose at year 15 in your home, everything dies.  It has here.

I have to give a shout out to my boys.  We are in total crunch time
around here with the V-date looming.  So, they are pitching in.
In a huge way.  And, it truly is helping so much.  I am
realigning my thinking that it is always easier and quicker
to just do it myself, which is so incredibly wrong on so
many levels.  They are old enough to help out in tremendous
ways.  So, this new season will continue long after we
dump the sand out of our shoes.  Their wives will thank me someday. 

Sweet tea.  I'm thinking it is from Hades.  I allowed myself
a "treat" of one the other day.  Big mistake.  It took just
one to fire up those southern taste buds.  As my sweet grandpa
would say, "the blasted stuff.".  I don't even know what that
means?  I hope I didn't just curse.  For real.

I ordered the complete Little House series for some
summer reading with Evan primarily, but, I can see
Noah joining in too.   As in just happening to curl
up on the end of the cough little man and I are reading on. 
Book one is down, and we are in the midst of
Book two.  It's funny that I love that series so much.  

Coffee is my new best friend.  Again.

It's official, no garden this year.  Farmer's Market
is definitely beckoning me. .

My workshop in Utah was cancelled.  Details
are unknown and I am sure it was for a good reason.
But, I am beyond disappointed, although it will make
June a little more bearable. 

Off to clean as I have abandoned ALL things domestic 
this week.  Well, for greater than a week.  Scott's mom
picked him up this morning and although I had seen
him in passing.  I miss him.  So, I snuck a call in and told 
him just that.  I'm ready for the mundane again. 

The boys will be spending the evening in the hayfield again
tonight as I have another session.  They are loving it.
Evan plays all sorts of games in the middle of the hay bales.
AND, Noah is an official driver.  He has to sit on
stacks of stuff to see, but, he is so big. :(  Noah drives,
WHEN, Evan is not playing in the middle of the hay bales.   
Because hay season hit much earlier this year, I am not helping as
planned but rather feeding everyone the evening meal.  I wish
 I could be out there!!!    

I am praying that I make it through the upcoming weekend. 
It scares me.  


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