Thursday, January 10, 2013


it's a new personality trait that is popping up more and more 
and I want to just squash it like a bug.


I have become a hurry-upper.
Especially to my sweet boys. :(  

It's one thing for me to hurry up my day and 
not stop and smell the roses, but it's totally
wrong of me to do that to them.

I've been catching myself doing it and it
frustrates me to know end.  The scary thing
is, I'm not exactly sure of when it started.
Well, now, it has taken root.

There is an actual diagnosis of "hurried woman syndrome"
floating around out there.  But, instead of self-diagnosing
that, this is a bit different.

When I truly had my a-ha moment it was in the
popsicle aisle at Wal-mart.  Now, given, no
one wants to be in that store a moment longer
than we have to....but, is it really worth rushing
the little guys to make their popsicle choice in 3.2
seconds flat when there are so many options?
It's a popsicle - and, that's a fun thing.
I don't want to take the fun away.

I have been cognizant of this for a while, and
have intentionally been trying to reverse
this spiral.  I did read Dixie Delight's
blog yesterday and I love the idea of a Yes Day.
But, even that is a little different.  I hate
feeling rushed all the time and I purely
do that to myself.  I hate to think
of the long term damage I could do
in rushing them constantly.  Truly.

So, even though my soul craves simple
and slow - I have strayed far, far from that
....but, am making a huge effort to slow it all down.

For example, last week we went to eat at
a little restaurant.  On the way out, Evan asked
for a penny to make a wish in the fountain.
My head said no because I was so ready to get
back home and gee.....I would have to
dig {I mean that literally} through my purse to
find a penny and that could possible take a while.

That was the first line of thinking and it reality,
how long would it really take under the worst of
circumstances?  15 seconds, maybe.

Well, he made his wish.
And, so did I.

Here's to slowing their little
lives down.  

1 comment:

Tonia Hobbs said...

It's like Jase said on Duck Dynasty, "Who could possibly be so busy they couldnt wait 10 minutes for fresh hot donuts?"

The man has a point.