Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{heading out}

I have seriously become a hermit.
It's been in progress for a while now.
There is almost no place I'd rather be than home.
Or, the beach.   But, geography totally ruins that.
Tomorrow, however, we are heading out.
We are stepping our feet off the farm and 
"going to town" as my Nannie always said.
The boys and I.  There is no telling what trouble
we will get into.  The only thing on the agenda is
buying jeans for Noah and a movie.  We are exciting, huh?
But, Christmas break is fleeting fast. 
Very, very sad face.
After mopping and shop vaccuming all day. 
Moving fans.  Doing laundry and more laundry and
well...more.  I'm ready to fly to coop for a day. 
And, I do promise to start posting pictures again.
Someday.  I know posts without pics = boring.

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