Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{always majestic}

and looks really great right next to the barn.
I love, love, love seeing Bald Eagles.
It is something I will never tire of.
I am in love with the "love story" of Eagles.
I pay extra attention when they are mentioned in scripture,
which is quite often I might add.
This is what the boys and I saw coming up the driveway near the house.
I knew immediately it was an Eagle.   He/She was smaller
than the ones we've seen at the big farm.   And, while taking
a picture, I think I saw another one flying behind this one. 
Absolutely breathtaking.

Go figure, the picture quality is terrible.
It was raining and I was shooting from a moving vehicle.
All while driving.  :)
But, I knew it would fly and fly it did. 

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