Monday, January 28, 2013

{it's official}

I've officially moved out to the studio.
Computer and all. 
Since completion happened during the fall frenzy, I decided to wait.
And, because it slowed down but the boys were home and I
still had a lot of time on the computer, I decided to wait until
after they went back to school.
Then, I tried to play catch up.
Then, I got sick twice.
Today was the day. 
And, it was amazing!
No distractions of dirty laundry, puppies, a sink
full of dishes, carpets that need vacuuming,
etc, etc, etc.
Scott was right on this one!
It will separate the business from precious family time.
And, why?
Because, I'm too chicken to stay out there by
myself after dark. 
And, it's also official that my Christmas tree is
coming down tomorrow.

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