Sunday, January 6, 2013

{sniff, sniff}

I need a jumbo pack of tissue please.
According to Noah, we are heading toward an "Andy" moment. 
I have been in my organizing frenzy and had a few things
for Noah to do in his room after church.  
Well, it included four remaining friends of his that still reside
tucked away in his closet.  Instead of officially packing them
away, he still wants them to reside in his closet.  But, in a tall
basket so no one can see them, but, he'll know they are there.
My heart literally cried.
With happiness, as strangely as that sounds.
Of course, I am saddened by how fast this childhood
thing zips by.  But, have been embracing it more as
I've seen dear friends, family and even strangers lose
a child due to a tragic accident or illness - so instead of
being so sad with the fleeting time, I am TRYING desperately to
embrace it a little more.   So, my heart was happy because
he is not ready yet.   These boys are growing at such a fast
pace, but the fact that he is still holding some things dear 
from his wee childhood close to his heart makes my heart happy. 
Very happy.

So, Flopper his beloved dog that has been thrown
up on countless times, provided comfort during
hospital stays, snuggled him close until fairly recent years will
stay.   Teddy Bear who joined in a year or so after
Flopper bonded strongly despite he was always in the number
two position.  The only time he reached number one was
when Flopper would have to go on a "scuba diving excursion"
in the washing machine because in was just past that point.
And, Tiger who has eyes that still make Noah melt. {it is
soooo sweet} and Clifford.  I think Clifford's sentiment
merely comes from the fact he remembers my mom giving
him to him one year when he was engrossed in the cartoons. 
So, even though he related this to Andy - he also followed it
up with the fact he will not be giving them away to anyone
down the street.  He will just make sure he takes a very
tall basket to college. 
Okay, the tears are falling now.
But, happy tears, right?

I'll try to convince myself anyway.


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