Sunday, February 19, 2012

{walking the walk}

Today was such a big day for us in many ways.   Since our Candlelight Service {my favorite service of the year} we have talked with Evan consistently regarding his decision to ask Jesus into his heart.  He totally gets it and the fire has not waned a bit.  He sets the bar high for even me.

So, today,  he walked that long walk down the aisle with his sweet little hand in mine and Daddy by his side to make his decision public.  An older gentleman knelt with us and asked Evan several questions and then said the sweetest prayer for us.   Before we walked, Evan told me he was so nervous and then before Bro. Ronnie called us up to the front he whispered it again.  I reassured him that we were right there with him.

As he stood in front of me, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders with my hands resting on his little chest.  His little heart was beating out of his chest.  It made me smile as crazy as that sounds.  It made me smile because he made those steps despite his fear.  A lesson for all of us, especially mom and dad.

He was a bit overwhelmed and so happy with all of the hugs, words of encouragement, high fives and fist bumps he received.  He has been giddy about it all day.  Which means, I've been giddy about it all day.   

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Jessica S. said...

it's always so special (and emotional!) to see such a little person come forward with their decision! he's such an adorable little boy, i had a hard time holding back my tears watching him! =) so sweet.